Quantock Design Somerset South West

Elevate your brand with expert graphic design.

Quantock Design Somerset South West

Elevate your brand with expert graphic design.

Our team creates visually cohesive designs that connect with your audience and reflect your brand’s essence. Trust us to bring your brand to life with our skills and experience.

Looking for exceptional graphic design that elevates your brand? Our team specialises in creating visually cohesive and compelling assets, from logos and packaging to digital and print materials.

We ensure that every design element is aligned with your brand’s values and messaging, resonating with your target audience. By taking the time to understand your brand’s unique qualities, we create designs that reflect its essence and showcase its personality and values. Trust us to bring your brand to life with our skills and experience in graphic design.

Our Design Services

  • Graphic Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Packaging + Product Design

  • Publications + Playbooks

  • Infographics + Illustration

  • Guidelines + Governance

  • Interior + Exterior Display

Examples of our design work.

Pittards Leather

Heritage and craftsmanship: rediscovering a brand’s roots.


Cutting through in an exploding sector.

Interpet Central

Making a big splash in the fish food sector.

Blue Cedar

Creating a beautifully constructed narrative.

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Our design services.

01 / Graphic Design

Crafted with heart, designed with care.

High-performance graphic design is key to creating compelling communications that stand out, capture attention and hit the mark. We keep a fit eye on current trends, as well as having an intimate knowledge of what makes a design classic.

02 / Brand Identity

Brand identities that stand out by a mile.

We have an unrivalled track record in working with clients to develop powerful brands that challenge perceptions and drive growth, sales, and recognition. Working across a wide range of disciplines, our creative team are experts at making your brand stand out from the crowd.

03 / Publications + Playbooks

Editorial design that makes reading a joy.

Whether it’s telling your brand story, introducing a new product or service, or explaining and showing complex data and copy, we have immense experience in creating beautiful booklets, brochures and presentations that communicate with clarity and precision.

04 / Infographics

Present complex data in a simple, concise manner.

Infographics are a fantastic way for you to visually represent all kinds of information and data, in a way that is engaging and exciting for the viewer. Whether it’s on a small A5 card or a huge wall, infographics are an exciting way of communicating with your market.

05 / Illustration

Visual storytelling that delights the eyes.

Visualise your narrative and inject a sense of humanity into your communications, all in a bespoke style that is unique to your brand. We have a diverse selection of illustrators with whom we work with, each with their own unique artistic style.

06 / Guidelines + Governance

Tools for the ultimate in brand delivery.

Brand guidelines can vary from being very simple documents comprising of just a few pages, to incredibly complex documents stretching for multiple chapters, showing deployment, and an explanation and instruction set for future use.

07 / Interior + Exterior Branding

Tell your brand story both inside and out.

Transform your interior spaces with custom, high impact graphics that breath new life into a room. Provide clarity and confidence with high quality, consistent signage that streamlines your customer experience.