Case Study

Fit & Wild

Case Study

Fit & Wild

Making a big splash in the fish food sector.

Interpet Central

We as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of our health and our environmental impact, particularly with regard to where our food comes from and how it is produced. It’s no surprise that this trend is now spilling over into what food we choose to buy for our pets!

Traditional fish food products use fishmeal, which is made from small oily fish, which are cooked, dried and ground into powder. Fishmeal production accounts for a fifth of the world’s annual wild catch – a staggering amount. We were approached by Interpet, one of our longstanding clients, to work with them to produce a new product line of environmentally friendly fishmeal-free pet food.

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A compelling offer with a unique packaging design.

This was an exciting opportunity to work alongside one of our long-standing clients as they look to introduce a new range of fishmeal free fish food into the market. The key selling point for this new product range was that the food contained no fishmeal, an industry first. Instead the range contained worm and insect meal to provide a natural source of protein that fish would normally eat in the wild.

Our brief was to create an impactful design that would appeal to consumers who want their fish to eat a food that has as small an environmental impact as possible whilst also enjoying the best possible health. The new range needed to sit above competing ranges, across both packaging and point of sale, and needed to convey a premium feel.

An eye catching design that stands out from the crowd.

After the initial concepts were presented to the client, we established a clear route to proceed with, developing a ‘Fit & Wild’ sub-brand that reflected the worms/insects contained within the food. The challenge was to create an eye-catching design, that was both fun and professional, and that communicated the unique USPs of the food on a relatively small pack size.

Creating a clear sense of product differentiation.

We introduced clear, colour coding to differentiate between the three product types (Tropical, Goldfish and Vegetarian) and created detailed, anatomical illustrations for each. We also created a dynamic pattern that incorporated of the four main ingredients (Mealworm, Daphnia, Bloodworm and Black Soldier Fly).

Rolling out the design across all touch points.

Once the design route was established, we then had to roll this out across various pack formats, as well as advertising, POS, promotional items and digital formats. We produced a website design, as well as multiple different promotional tools such as shelf edging strips, FSDUs, shelf wobblers and promotional flyers to ensure that the new product range achieved maximum brand awareness.

“This was a fun and challenging project to work on. It took us on an exciting journey from initial concepts, through to the final product, and we are delighted with the end results.”

Terry Elford, Senior Designer