What is a Brand Workshop? (Q+A)

October 24, 2022
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We answer your questions about our Brand Workshops…


A brand workshop is a time efficient and cost effective method to unlock new directions and fresh ideas for your organisation.

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What is the aim of a brand workshop?

The primary goal of a brand workshop is to gain valuable insight on where your brand currently is, and where you would like it to be in the future. Workshops are designed as an exercise in research and discovery, unearthing tangible evidence of how your brand is resoundedly unique, which can then be translated into ‘brand pillars’ with proof points upon which the communications for your brand can be built.


Is there any prep-work needed before a session?

We usually encourage you to have undertaken a brand audit before a brand workshop, which is part of our Brand Slingshot Package. This establishes a basic understanding of your brand and the territory in which it sits.

We will also ask you and those attending the workshop to complete a series of quick and easy ‘Homework Tasks’ which you should complete before the workshop session. These are a series of multiple choice questions which are an easy way of assessing your brand and how your team view its character and personality.


What happens in a session?

A typical brand workshop consists of five core exercises – External Perceptions, Descriptive words, Internal Outlines, Personality Sliders and Best Moments. This is a flexible framework that allows us to tailor the session to each individual client. We’ll run you through one of our presentations, and present you with our findings from the homework task. There are multiple opportunities for asking questions and voicing opinions, which we capture during the session and will present as distilled feedback after the workshop.


How many people can take part in a workshop?

Our brand workshops are always personalised experiences, tailored to each brand’s individual needs. They can be as large or small as you like, and can occur through a series of sessions or one intensive day. Many of our clients like to have a session for each stakeholder group, for example one for management, one for customers etc.



What can I expect to gain from a brand workshop?

Brand workshops are primarily a data and insight gathering exercise, which we as an agency then convert into strategic feedback. They can reveal conflicts in positioning and direction, along with identifying future goals and aspirations.

Brand workshops are particularly effective at re-energising your team and fostering a sense of ownership and participation. Workshops ensure that an all-round assessment is gathered, rather than just that of the key leadership figures.


You can download a taster version of some of our Homework Tasks here. Print out or email the task sheets and distribute them amongst the team you want to gain feedback from. Upon completion, gather the sheets together, and compare the answers that have been selected.

Look for trends that emerge – is there concensus, or divergence of views? Uncertainty or scattered results can be just as informative as clear responses.

As part of our Slingshot Series we’re offering complimentary Brand Audits – sign up for yours here in case you haven’t sign up already.

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