Quantock’s Five design trends for 2023

October 24, 2022
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Raise your sights to the future to see what trends are coming in 2023.

As we hurtle through this year at breakneck speed, it’s worth raising your sights to the future to observe what trends are coming down the line in 2023.

Over the past few years, we’ve noticed that some trends are slow moving constants that evolve over time. Sustainability in design is one of them – it’s priced in for the future, and will only ever grow. However, rapid global events such as the pandemic of 2020 did much to disrupt society and, as a result, have created ripples that continue to contribute to the changing design zeitgeist.


Distinctive type

What better way to express yourself than through type? Forget the old boring sans serifs, consumers want quirky slab and playful script typefaces. These are further enhanced by the emerging dominance of variable width typefaces, which offer an unlimited amount of weights, allowing an exciting opportunity for playful expression. Combine this with animation, and you’ve got the quirky execution of kinetic type (one to keep an eye on in the future).

Art Deco Luxe

A global pandemic, a war in Europe, and a sombre economic outlook. Ring any bells? The world may be in turmoil, but in the design world, we’re having a party. Consumers in need of cheering up love a bit of luxe and a taste of glamour, so where better to look for inspiration than the roaring twenties? Twinning perfectly with the 2021 trend of maximalism, we’re seeing a modern take on art deco, with lots of metallic, lots of geometry, and a whole lot of excess.

The 90s are back

Yes, they’re back, this time classed as ‘vintage’ (I know, how is that possible). The 90’s aesthetic offers a comforting look back – a rose tinted view of our youth when things were easier (supposedly). A trip back in time to millennial land, the 90’s look is returning in the form of crazy patterns, bubble gum typography and vivid colour palettes.This nineties revival wouldn’t be complete without a cheeky reappearance of anti-design, a sub-trend which can be characterised by bold colours, confusing interfaces and off-grid typography.

A Popping Palette

Throughout the pandemic we saw a big shift in use of colour by individuals to express themselves. In a similar way to how maximalism is sweeping away the confines of minimalism, our colour palettes are getting ever more colourful. From neons strutting down the catwalk through to vivid interior designs breaking up the grey monotony, colours are bigger and brighter than ever before.

AI Generated Imagery

Artificial intelligence has now matured, and is more powerful than ever. Imagery is no longer constrained by reality, and expression of individuality has never been easier. Want an image of clouds in the shape of a lion over the city of London? Easy. A blue flamingo? We don’t even have to crack open photoshop – the AI engine has got you covered. Your imagination is the limit.

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