Quantock visits the See Monster

October 20, 2022
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It’s October, and nearing the end of our Q4 for Quantock, and another extraordinarily busy year.

Usually, we’d be deep in preparation and forecasting for the year ahead. However yesterday, we made time in our busy schedule to create a day for the team.

With the weather on our side, we headed up to Weston-Super-Mare to check out the SEE MONSTER (The ninth of ten ‘Unboxed’ projects – a fusion of environmentalism and art).
SEE MONSTER is an astonishing act of collective ‘creativity’ – using a decommissioned 450-tonne North Sea offshore platform which has been regenerated as a major new art installation – Our playground for the afternoon or an oil rig, or both….

With some of us conquering our fear of heights, we journeyed through all four layers. Starting with 10-meter waterfall on the ground floor, an immersive weather experience on level one , on level two, the Garden Lab (a firm favourite) with renewable energy through WindNest, and solar trees and kinetic sculptures dotted in amongst the seaside garden. With some us tackling flimsy staircases, and others resorting to the lift, we arrived at the top to treat ourselves to the panoramic view. and a must use slide down to the lower layer.

Of course, the fun didn’t stop there. When in Rome… we all indulged in an arcade game visit to the Grand Pier, and treated ourselves to a portion of the very best seaside chips.

Quantock’s journey through 2022 has been a true team effort, the way the Quantock team works together is an inspiration to us all. Individually, they are each amazing. As a team, they are superstars! Thanks to each and every one – Keep up the amazing work.

Whilst writing this it would be remise of me not to credit seadesign.com for their exceptional brand strategy, brand identity and band visualisation of UNBOXED, a one-of-a-kind creative cultural celebration and epic experiences. Their solution: A bold and memorable typographic approach that allows variable flexibility across all media platforms from digital to printed executions.

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