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October 14, 2022
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Putting natural creativity at the Heart of our strategy – An exciting piece of news coming from the studio.

Many of you will know that there are two separate divisions within the organisation; Quantock (Commercial) & QS Designs (Schools).

For the last 12 months we have been focusing our efforts on business and client expansion as well as the evolution and strategic positioning of the agency.

After undertaking an external proposition review with the help of Simon Dodd, a Management & Marketing Consultant we have decided to streamline the organisation. Essentially Quantock & QS Designs have been developing well but we have taken the view that it makes no longer makes commercial or strategic sense for us to support two brands.

Given this we have decided to use Quantock as our primary agency brand name, therefore the QS Designs name will go. To support this change we have developed a new brand which reflects Quantock’s 30 year dedication to instinctive creativity

Simon Mears, Creative Director and Founder of Quantock, said:

“We know that design and creative thinking will continue to rebuild & shape brands across all sectors. Our new brand reflects the aspirations, growth and future development of Quantock. What we’ve always done really well is to let instinctive, brave, natural creativity happen. We’ve now decided to celebrate it. I’m truly excited that we have defined our approach and way of thinking to our clients”.

The rebrand and integration of our two business units clarifies to our proposition and help cement our reputation as an agency that is forward thinking, and future relevant.

Quantock’s rebrand is live, and it puts Natural Creativity™ at the centre of the agency. Our website and social channels will be continually updated with engaging and insightful content from our wide-ranging client base.

You may have some questions so please do feel free to contact any of our team.

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