Haberdashers Monmouth approached Quantock with the goal of revitalising their advertising campaign to better connect with a younger demographic. The challenge was to create a suite of adverts and paid social assets that would communicate the school’s progressive ethos and dynamic spirit.

"a tailored strategy that would effectively communicate the school’s progressive nature"

Our project scope included developing clear and compelling messages that highlighted the school’s unique selling propositions (USPs), emphasising key attributes such as innovation, forward-thinking education, and a vibrant community. To convey the idea of progress and innovation, we integrated a motion blur effect into the visuals. This digitally reproduced effect symbolised movement and the idea of not standing still, aligning perfectly with the school’s message of continuous growth and evolution. Our process began with an in-depth consultation to understand Haberdashers Monmouth’s goals, target audience, and key messages. This allowed us to develop a tailored strategy that would effectively communicate the school’s progressive nature. Our team crafted messaging that clearly articulated the school’s unique advantages, focusing on themes of innovation, dynamic learning environments, and a forward-thinking approach to education.

Using the established messages, we designed a suite of adverts and supporting material featuring a motion blur effect to visually represent progress and movement. This modern, sleek style was consistent across all assets, ensuring a cohesive brand image. We created a variety of digital and print assets, including paid social media ads, banners, and posters. Each asset was optimized for its respective platform to maximise engagement and reach.

Our strategic development, creative execution, and consistent brand styling delivered outstanding results, positioning the school as a leader in forward-thinking education. Discover how Quantock can transform your brand and elevate your marketing efforts. Contact us for a bespoke quote and learn more about our creative service packages.

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