Maidenhead Aquatics are the UK’s leading aquatics retailer with over 150 stores throughout the country. Discover how we helped them to launch the 'ultimate fishkeeping app' into their existing user base.

Maidenhead Aquatics is the UK’s leading aquatics retailer with over 150 stores nationwide. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, they launched ‘the ultimate fishkeeping app’ to help users manage and maintain their aquariums or ponds more effectively. They sought our expertise to create a compelling and eye-catching campaign theme. The goal was to develop a campaign that utilised the established Maidenhead brand, exciting the audience and encouraging app downloads. It was crucial for the campaign to encompass all types of fishkeeping (tropical, marine, planted, and pond) while highlighting the app’s practical and technical benefits.

We began with a ‘Netfish’ teaser visual, aligning with the app’s launch on April 1st (April Fool’s Day) to spark curiosity within the fishkeeping community. The campaign spanned various formats, including in-store posters and POS, promotional leaflets, and digital/social media campaigns. The campaign successfully intrigued and inspired the fishkeeping community, resulting in significant app downloads and engagement across all formats.

"Working with the Quantock graphics team for many years has been a pleasure. Their relaxed, polite, and can-do demeanor is always a great help, especially when I'm up against tight deadlines with masses of artwork, POS, and other materials to create. The superb quality and service they provide offer excellent value. I am very happy to recommend them to any client."

Andrew Paxton, Senior Development Manager

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