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October 14, 2022
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Quantock have recently welcomed Alastair Poole to our lineup of creative talent. Alastair joins us as a Junior Designer with outstanding pedigree and design excellence.

Alastair is a design graduate from Falmouth University, specialising in consumerism and brand creation. His work combines traditional craft practices with current digital trends, and he has a keen interest in printmaking, particularly screenprint.

During Alastair’s time at University he expanded his knowledge and commercial insight through internship placements with: Bow & Arrow, Tucker Duckworth, Superunion (London) and Sunhouse Creative (Bath)

Whilst pursuing work in London, Alastair recently turned his attention to the south west, due to a personal desire to work in a less urban environment. He was attracted to Quantock’s varied work, long-standing heritage, expanding client base and natural culture.

Outside of work Alastair loves language and its quirks, and he has recently started to dip his toes into the world of copy-writing and has begun learning German, as well as Dutch.

We asked Alastair what creativity means to him……

How does creativity shape brands?
Great creativity enables deeper and more meaningful connections, and allows us to construct an engaging narrative and positive discourse between both client and consumer. Engagement is key- communication should go both ways!

What are your creative characteristics?
I have a close attention to detail and a desire to perfect every aspect of design. I always like to ask why, and to question the context of the work that we do – what’s the best design solution, and how can we go above and beyond.

What aspects of creativity do you relish?
It’s that thing of seeing a piece of work stand on its own legs “out in the wild” and the difference that it makes.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Having the knowledge that as designers, we have the power through our work to invoke positive change, that we can help create that next big idea, or give an individual a greater voice.

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