Case Study

Taunton School

Case Study

Taunton School

Honouring heritage, whilst embracing the future.

Taunton School

Founded in 1847, Taunton School has a rich history as a co-educational independent day and boarding school. Despite its traditional roots, Taunton School is a modern-day institution that embraces difference and provides a comprehensive, whole-person educational experience for its students.

Located in Taunton, the 56-acre campus houses a range of schools, including the main Senior School for 13-18 year olds, a Prep School, Pre-Prep School, Nursery, as well as Taunton School International. With all students learning on a single, integrated campus, Taunton School offers a cohesive, modern-day educational experience in a historic setting.

Quantock was tasked in elevating Taunton School’s marketing efforts and evolving its brand to better reflect its unique proposition and appeal to a modern-day audience. With a focus on balancing tradition and modernity, our team worked to create a brand that honoured the school’s rich heritage while also embracing a fresh, youthful energy.

  • Graphic Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Publications + Playbooks

  • Guidelines + Governance

Celebrating heritage, whilst adding a modern touch.

Early on, we recognised the need to evolve the school’s visual identity to better reflect their unique proposition. Our challenge was to create a brand that balanced traditional heritage with a modern, youthful energy.

To achieve this, we carefully selected Trajan Sans, a typeface that was both traditional and approachable, and paired it with a bright, pastel colour palette. The existing Taunton School Blue, which was already a part of the school’s existing brand, was incorporated as a nod to their heritage and served as a grounding element in the new visual identity.

A compelling brand built upon a strong foundation.

Our team was tasked with enhancing the marketing messaging of the school. To achieve this, we conducted extensive research and engaged in stakeholder discussions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the school’s unique proposition and its target audience.

Based on our findings, we developed four brand pillars that effectively communicated the school’s distinctiveness. These pillars capture the school’s core values, vision, and mission and serve as the foundation for all marketing efforts moving forward.

Designing the branding and colour palette for Taunton School was a delightful experience for me. As an independent school with a rich heritage, it was important to keep the essence of their history in the design and marketing.

I enjoyed exploring the history of the school and incorporating the heritage into the design. The result was a unique and modern design that embodies the essence of Taunton School and represents their heritage in a fresh and eye-catching manner.

Mark Hooper, Senior Designer