Schools Webinar: Creating Lasting Connection

July 10, 2024
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Interested in learning how to craft a successful education brand? Join Quantock for an insightful schools webinar on how to ‘Create Lasting Connection’, presented by Alastair Poole and Mark Dalton. 

This session will delve into the critical aspects of brand perception, emotional connection, and audience engagement necessary to differentiate your brand in today’s competitive market.

What You’ll Learn

In the webinar, we’ll show you how to create a cohesive brand experience by aligning what you say, what people believe, and what you are. We will cover how to sell your school as a comprehensive package of experiences (rather than just a school), and the importance of authenticity and how to align your product offerings with customer needs.

Our experts will help you to get to know your audience and understand their values, desires, goals, and lifestyle choices. Next, we’ll explore the difference between visual equity and emotional equity, and the importance of forging emotional connections with your audience and how it impacts consumer behaviour.

What You’ll Get

  • Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts.
  • Learn actionable tactics that you can implement immediately.
  • Free access to Quantock team talent and knowledge.
  • Access exclusive content only available to webinar attendees.

Webinar Details

Session 1 Friday 12th July – 11 AM til 12:30 PM (GMT) Virtual Session [FULLY BOOKED]

Session 2 Tuesday 23rd July – 2 PM til 3:30 PM (GMT) Virtual Session BOOK FOR FREE NOW

Please note that webinars are limited to 15 attendees per session to allow greater contact and interaction time.

Stay tuned for more webinar topics and dates in the near future.

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