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Looking to make an impact? Quantock Reload is tailored for commercial clients in the food and drink sector, and built to ensure that every product launch is impactful and memorable. Our comprehensive process covers everything from strategic planning to market introduction.

An all-in-one product marketing programme, designed for growth.

We’ll help you to successfully launch your product.

At Quantock, we specialise in creating disruptive and impactful brand and product strategies tailored for the food and beverage industry.

Our comprehensive programme gives you a competitive edge, ensuring your product stands out in a crowded market.

You’re in experienced, trusted hands.

At Quantock, we realise that it’s never been harder to launch a new brand or product. We specialise in helping clients to build disruptive brand and product marketing strategies, that lead to unparalleled business success.

With our tried and tested methodology, we’ll take a deep dive into your brand’s distinctive characteristics to create a unique and immersive brand and product experience, and deliver results that will set you apart in the competitive landscape.

Quantock Reload is proudly chosen by

Disrupting the dairy industry

Organic Herd

9-Step Process

+ Fully Self-Contained

6 – 12 Weeks

Product Discovery Programme

Expert Talent

+ Sector Specific Knowledge

Flexible Pricing

+ Budget Friendly

9-Step Process

+ Fully Self-Contained

4 – 6 Weeks

Product Discovery Programme

Expert Talent

+ Sector Specific Knowledge

Flexible Pricing

+ Budget Friendly

What’s the Quantock Reload process?


Market Research + Brand Audit

Quantock will help you to unlock your brand’s hidden potential and drive meaningful connections with your audience. We’ll assess your current brand, positioning, and value proposition, and benchmark you amongst your near and far competitors.


Brand + Product Strategy

Based upon our research and findings in the previous module, we’ll create a strategic plan for your brand and products, outlining what tactics are needed in order to achieve your business goals.


Brand Identity + Logo System

Using the strategies created in Module 02, we will then creatively develop a Brand Identity and Logo System that will give your brand a competitive edge within the market place.


Packaging + Product Design

We’ll then apply our creative expertise to create packaging systems that truly represent your brand and resonate with your audience. We will also advise on materials, design and production of any packaging materials.


Product Photography + Rendering

In line with your defined brand identity system, we will then create mood boards and art direction to define how to best capture you brand narrative in visual media.


Social Media Strategy + Creation

We’ll create a social media strategy that’ll get your brand and products in front of the right eyes. We’ll also help you to build a messaging and content plan, to ensure your content builds a strong following.


Point of Sale + Promotion

Once your brand is built, we’ll help you to create all the necessary point of sale designs, to ensure that your products are pride of place on shelf. We can also create promotional posters, fliers, and wobblers to keep the consumer engaged.


Testing + Proof of Concept

We can help you to validate your idea and ensure that it makes sense in the real world. By testing your concept, we’ll help you to gain valuable insights and build credibility with your potential customers.


Events + Experiential

We’ll help you to craft immersive brand experiences that resonates with your audience. Whether you’re hosting a conference, product launch, or trade show, Quantock will help you to set the stage for meaningful connections.

Why launch your product with Quantock?

We’ll help you to understand your competitor landscape.

No brand exists in isolation, and there will always some sort of challenge, or another competitor brand to contend with. We’ll give you expert guidance on both what other competing brands are doing, what trends are emerging, and how you can gain an edge over the competition.

We’ll work with you to unearth your distinctive qualities.

By uncovering what your brand stands for, you’ll be able to expertly craft a unique narrative that communicates your values with clarity and flare. We’ll help you to develop authentic, honest and compelling communications, and position you as the ideal choice for your audience.

We’ll set you up with a strong foundation for growth.

Together, we will use our insights that we discover to identify a specific set of strategies and tactics for expanding and transforming your brand. With our in-house expertise, we’ll set you on the right course for growth and prosperity, and give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Something for everyone.

Our Product Development Programme can be scaled, dependent upon the nature and size of your business.

Starter Package

6 to 8 Weeks

A low-cost programme of activity, focussing on creating all the basics for your new brand or product.

Growth Package

8 to 12 Weeks

A more in-depth analysis and development of your product line and consumer brand positioning.

Full-Works Package

12 Weeks +

Involving all areas of your organisation, delivering transformative brand and product change.

Our promise to you:

When we work together, we can deliver outstanding creative solutions that drive engagement, sales and growth for your brand.

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