Case Study

Porter Dodson Brand Identity

Case Study

Porter Dodson

A new brand with a clear trajectory: Creating a flexible brand identity.

Porter Dodson

Porter Dodson is a leading legal firm that has been providing high-quality legal services to clients in the Southwest of England for over 160 years. Despite its reputation and long history, the firm faced several challenges in communicating its values and purpose to clients and attracting a younger demographic. To address these issues, Quantock was engaged in undertaking a full-scale rebranding project with the aim to modernise its brand identity, clarify its messaging, and create a more flexible and dynamic brand that aligned with the company’s business strategy.

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Culture + Values

  • Visual + Verbal Equity

  • Media Communications + Integrated Campaigns

  • Video, Animation + Motion Graphics

  • Guidelines + Governance

Identifying the Challenges.

Porter Dodson wanted to expand and grow their business, while retaining their personal and intimate level of service. However, their existing branding was dated and lacked emotional equity. As an organisation, they struggled to communicate their values and purpose – their messaging was unclear, and multiple messages and target audiences were often delivered through one channel, with no separation between private and commercial messaging.

Furthermore, the firm wanted to attract younger clients in more urban locations, who often prefer modern and dynamic branding that speaks directly to their needs and values. Their branding did not resonate with this demographic, and was held back by a rigid, inflexible brand identity system. Advertising often relied on stock imagery, which of course lacked ownership and authenticity.

Developing Brand Pillars and Emotional Equity.

To better understand the firm’s brand identity and the challenges it faced, we conducted extensive workshops and focus groups with internal stakeholders and external audiences. This research helped us to identify several weaknesses, including the unclear communication of values and organisational purpose, and the extensive use of jargon and terminology across primary communications. Through this research, we developed five brand pillars that tied into Porter Dodson’s overall business strategy.

Designing a dynamic brand identity.

The new visual identity of the brand centred around navy blue, which represented stability and trust. We used a red-pink colour for personal legal services and a teal/mint green for commercial legal services to differentiate the two services visually, whilst adding a touch of vitality and freshness. The identity was designed to be flexible and adaptable, with a focus on digital marketing use cases such as social media and animated advertising.

Delivering a successful rollout.

The rebranding project took 9 months to complete. We worked closely with Porter Dodson’s internal marketing team to ensure a smooth rollout of the new identity, which included interior branding, print and digital advertising campaigns, and other marketing collateral. The new identity has been well-received by their clients, employees, and stakeholders. The branding helps Porter Dodson stand out in a crowded legal services market, and successfully positions them as the leading source of legal advice in the southwest.

Working with the Porter Dodson team on the rebrand project was an incredibly collaborative effort. We were fortunate to work with a group of people who were passionate about their brand and invested in its future success. From the very beginning, the Quantock team worked together to identify the key challenges facing Porter Dodson’s brand and to develop a strategy that could help the organisation achieve its growth goals. Throughout the project, we were able to collaborate closely, with each team member bringing their unique expertise and perspective to the table.

What made the project especially fulfilling for me personally, was the opportunity to work with an internal team that valued creativity and marketing. Together, we were able to push the boundaries and develop a brand identity that was flexible, modern, and dynamic – one that could really help Porter Dodson stand out.

Alastair Poole, Head if Marketing, Strategy and Business Development