Case Study

Organic Herd

Case Study

Organic Herd

Disrupting the market: How we helped Omsco to shake up the dairy industry

Organic Herd

Organic Herd (formerly Omsco) is an organisation that we have worked with for over 10 years, and we were fortunate enough to be asked to reposition them as not just B2B, but also as a consumer brand.

The desire to rebrand was motivated by a desire to better communicate, to both existing and new audiences. Over the course of six months, we were able to radically reinvent the visual and verbal brand toolkit, and provide a much stronger, and agile framework for Organic Herd to grow on.

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Culture + Values

  • Visual + Verbal Equity

  • Media Communications + Integrated Campaigns

  • Video, Animation + Motion Graphics

  • Guidelines + Governance

  • Website Design + Build

Developing a
Disruptive Strategy

Our rebrand for Organic Herd was split into three distinct phases, the first of which was centred around brand discovery and market strategy. We quickly identified that in order to be successful in persuading the industry (and consumers) of the benefits of organic dairy, we had to create a brand that didn’t look anything like a traditional organic brand.

Brand + Product

A disruptive brand needs more than just disruptive packaging. We helped to develop a photographic style, which we then used to art direct product and lifestyle photography for the Organic Herd products.

Continual Growth

Six months after launch, and Organic Herd is going from strength to strength. In addition to strengthening their own operations and team cohesion, the rebrand and new products are continuing to find new homes and meet new audiences.