Case Study

Leather Naturally

Case Study

Leather Naturally

The definitive resource for the global leather industry.

Leather Naturally

Leather Naturally is a not-for-profit industry members association that focuses on education and the promotion of leather. The organisation promotes the use of globally manufactured sustainable leather, and seeks to inspire and inform designers, creators, and consumers about its beauty, quality and versatility.

Quantock was tasked with rebranding Leather Naturally as well as redeveloping their web platform. The intention was to raise Leather Naturally’s profile and reputation, giving the organisation a brand that would secure future growth and engagement, and position them as the definitive authority on all things leather. The existing brand identity was incredibly lightweight, and lacked gravitas.

  • Graphic Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Publications + Playbooks

  • Guidelines + Governance

A simple, precise identity for maximum impact.

The new brand had to invoke an air of professionalism and authority, whilst also being easily implemented especially on web and social media. We produced a suite of different logo options, which were then refined down through various iterations to the final result, consisting of an interlocked keyline ‘L’ and ‘N’ mark.

A striking, contemporary colour palette.

Rather than position the brand as a traditional, artisanal collective, we opted for a fresh modern and contemporary aesthetic that would ensure a maximum stand-out presence online. The clean, sophisticated feel permeates through all aspects of the brand, and creates a high level of brand recognition.

A best in class digital experience.

Alongside the development of the brand ID, we crafted Leather naturally’s new web presence. Starting with the website, we created a bespoke digital experience that would serve as a platform for leather naturally’s communication and educational resources. Utilising a responsive layout, clear typographical hierarchy and bright imagery, the site facilitates dialogues between the leather upstream supply chain, manufacturers and consumers.

Delivering tangible results.

The success of Leather Naturally is a true testament to the benefits of having a powerful, compelling and confident brand experience. From 12 members in 2016, through to 178 members in 2022, Leather Naturally has grown to be the de facto destination for information on the Leather Industry, not just for leather experts but also for the general public.

“I am really proud of the work that Quantock have created for Leather Naturally. We set out with a clear vision for the digital strategy – with the aim of increasing unique visits to the website and making it the number one global resource for anything to do with Leather. Visitor numbers have increased by over 40% year on year since the Leather Naturally Website launch. Our social media creative reinforces all digital content, messaging, providing informative posts for general consumers and anyone interested in the leather industry.”

Gavin Sadler, Senior Designer