Case Study

Highfield Preserves

Case Study

Highfield Preserves

Spreading the joy with a new packaging solution.

Highfield Preserves

The Highfield story is one which traces its success back to its humble origins on a kitchen table in Devon, and is a tale rich in craft and innovation. The global jams and preserves market was worth $8.46 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow to $9.87 billion by 2026, with an annual expansion rate of 3.6 %. With this in mind, it was a natural choice for Highfield Preserves to focus on strengthening its own offering to capture a larger slice of this growing market.

  • Brand Identity + Logo Design
  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand and Product Naming

  • Packaging + Product Design
  • Graphic Design

The project brief.

Highfield Preserves had traditionally focused upon creating white label products for luxury retailers, to huge success, as well as producing its own ‘Highfield’ branded line of products. The growth of Highfield’s own brand was the focus for this project, and it was Quantock’s task was to elevate Highfield’s own brand position from a cottage industry to that of a major player, enabling it to rub shoulders with other competing brands.

A limitless colour palette.

To be successful, a packaging design needs to shout from the shelf. To combat the dark appearance of the finished product within the jars, we chose to adopt brightly saturated labels as a basis for our brand and packaging solution. Each product’s colour is inspired by the ingredients within, creating a beautiful aesthetic when the product range is viewed all together on shelf or in store.

Making a festive range.

Following on from the successful launch in 2020, Quantock was asked to produce a special edition line of festive preserves ready for Christmas 2021. The challenge with creating festive packaging is getting the tone and balance just right. Competition for consumer attention is fierce in the run up to Christmas day, and so creating a packaging solution that catches the eye and holds attention is imperative.

Taking our existing pack designs as a basis, we switched out the silver foil for gold, and introduced a delicate snowflake patterned background. Each product variant was given its own unique snowflake design, reproduced in an eye-catching metallic ink. A bold, chunky typeface was used to create table presence, highlighting the punchy product names.

As the designer who worked on the Highfield Preserves project, I feel extremely proud of the outcome. This project was a wonderful opportunity for me to showcase my creativity and bring a brand’s vision to life. The global jams and preserves market is highly competitive, and it was a thrilling challenge to create a packaging design that stood out from the crowd and truly reflected the quality of Highfield’s products.

I am delighted with the finished product, where each product’s colour was inspired by its ingredients, creating a beautiful and eye-catching display especially when viewed together. I believe this project was a huge success in elevating Highfield’s brand position and I am really grateful to have played a role in the brand’s continued growth and success.

Terry Elford, Senior Designer