From print to pixel: Reimagining for the digital age

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This year has forced us to rethink not just what we are putting out, but also the medium in which communications are delivered.

The ’norm’ is now non-existent, and what was once ‘a given’ is now up in the air. In these strange times we have to remain agile and adaptive, and ready to flex to whatever the consumer’s demands may be. We are proud to have worked with Pittards for more than 30 years, making them one of our longest standing clients. We have produced their colour trend and leather guides for many years, which are an incredibly effective sales tool in their arsenal, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship that make Pittards leathers a cut above the rest.

Traditionally we have produced the colour trends guides as printed publications, which have physical leather swatches attached to each page. However, due to COVID and the demise of global exhibitions and seminars, Pittards required a digital publication that could be easily sent out and viewed by clients, instead of a physical item that would have been handed out during trade shows.

Rather than simply creating a digital copy of the printed publication, we worked with Pittards to craft a bespoke solution, designed with digital delivery as the primary method of consumption. One of the biggest advantages of digital, is that adding pages carries no cost, and so we chose to expand the document size, allowing for larger imagery and more spacious layouts.

Test-1.jpgThis allowed us to bring a greater depth and structure to the guide, introducing ‘experience pages’ to clearly communicate individual trend themes. The greatest addition to the guide by far is the introduction of a leather index, which displays the vast breadth of colours and textures that Pittards is able to offer.Spread-1.png

Throughout the restructuring, we utilised the opportunity to give the visual style an update – it is often forgotten that as with fashion, design does become dated over time. Through new typography, and more contemporary layouts, we were able to craft a fresh look, imbuing a new lease of life into the publication that will see it through the next decade.

Spread-2.pngThe end result is that the viewer is provided with a complete end-to-end solution, from theme / experience and trend aspirational marketing, on towards a leather selection journey. They can identify the leather type that they want and then request a sample pack or download a digital sample for from a new and interactive digital platform called ‘The Leather Exchange’.


Spread-3.pngThis project has been a joy to work on, and has truly demonstrated that despite a challenging world, there are always positive opportunities to grow and expand our clients offer and reach, as well as connect to their desired audience in ever more engaging ways.

Peruse the brochure at your leisure below:

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