Four Elms Fruit Farm – Real Devonshire Ciders

October 14, 2022
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Four Elms Fruit Farm has been recognised for many years as the Southwest’s leading grower of premium quality apples and producer of multi-award winning ‘Real Devonshire Apple Juice’.

The Smedley Family bought the farm in 1962. A total of 26 acres of dilapidated orchard is now 70 acres of a flourishing business. Mark, a former Royal Marine, is taking the business into the third generation. Mark’s vision is to leverage their award winning reputation and fast growing distribution channels. First on his list was a move into the cider production market.

Quantock began the project by sampling some of the Mark’s delicious new ciders…… No better way to get the creative ‘juices’ flowing. From the outset it was clear that Quantock needed to strike a balance between the traditional character of the existing brand and more modern values.

The brief was well-defined and Quantock developed the Four Elms Brand ID applied harmoniously to the new hand crafted ciders. Quantock’s final executions reinforced the principle foundations of the Four Elms brand, and provided a perfect evocation of the rich Devonshire countryside.


Grown and pressed in the rolling hills of East Devon, this sweet-sparkling cider delivers a refreshing and luscious taste of fresh crisp apples.


Rooted in rich Devon soil, Four Elms orchards yield the perfect apples to produce this well balanced, gently sparkling cider.


Forged in the sweeping valleys of the West Country, this gently sparkling, rich and sumptuous cider has an intriguing taste of deep tannins.

Next on the list for us and Four Elms is the redevelopment and rebrand of their longstanding range of seven ‘Real Devonshire Apple Juices.’

“Heritage was always key with this project, and of course our initial creative concepts challenged and expanded the initial brief and vision for the project. Existing brand features consistently remained but once presented to the client there was only one ‘root’ for us to progress with. Earthy, honest and full of vitality. Mark’s knowledge and energy throughout this project was infectious.”


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