Case Study

EXILE by Exmoor Ales

Case Study

EXILE by Exmoor Ales

An exciting new format for the EXILE range.

Exmoor Ales

In 2018, Exmoor Ales launched the EXILE series of beers with a modern ale packaging design aimed at beer-connoisseurs. The aim was to produce a new drink for a new audience. With the rise of home-drinking due to lockdowns over the past years, Exmoor Ales found an opportunity to produce a more consumer-friendly format for the EXILE range. For the first time in their 41-year-old history, the Somerset-based brewery made the move towards producing a series of EXILE beers in a 440ml can, rather than just as a seasonal draught.

We worked with Exmoor Ales to develop a new can design with a purposefully strong, simple, and impactful packaging design for the EXILE range. The EXILE logo design runs vertically up the side of the can, ensuring maximum shelf presence for the ale, while the graffiti art crops in from the right. The monochrome design  creates a striking juxtaposition with the bright bursts of colour from the typography, resulting in clear varianting across the range.

The new ale packaging design is distinctly different from the established line up of Exmoor Beers, adopting a textured, street art style aesthetic. With its strong branding, the new packaging design is ideal for capturing the attention of beer-connoisseurs and new audiences alike. Try the EXILE range of beers from Exmoor Ales today and experience the perfect blend of modern style and traditional brewing techniques.

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“Up until now the Exile brands have just been available in cask to the on-trade, but the growth of our off-trade business over the last year has made it more viable to expand the range and types of format. Unconstrained by the limitations of the cask format, our head brewer Tom Davis has been able to add a much greater expression of flavour and intensity to the packaged format.”

Jonathan Price, Exmoor Ales Managing Director