Case Study

Delice De France

Case Study

Delice De France

Celebrating 40 Years of Delice De France

Delice De France

In honour of Delice De France’s impressive 40-year journey, our team embarked on a creative endeavour to commemorate this significant milestone.

Our task was to craft a comprehensive 2024 edition product catalogue, spanning all channels and markets. Through this catalogue, we aimed to showcase the company’s rich heritage, pioneering spirit, and mouth-watering offerings.



Our approach to this project was multifaceted, integrating elements of imagery, photography, content and copywriting, illustration and iconography, positioning, portfolio management and productisation.


Imagery + Photography

Through expert composition and styling, we’ve highlighted the appeal and quality of our culinary creations, reflecting both the food’s craftsmanship and the meticulous attention to detail of the business behind it.


Illustration + Iconography

In order to infuse the catalogue with charm and character, we integrated bespoke illustrations and iconography to enhance clarity and captivate readers throughout the publication.



Embossing on the front and back cover added tactile depth, while foil finishing brought luxury and elegance, enriching visual highlights. These techniques elevate the catalogue’s tactile and visual appeal.