Case Study

Deli by Shell

Case Study

Deli by Shell

Transforming Deli By Shell’s Product Range.

Shell Global

Deli By Shell is known for its high-quality ingredients and delicious range of snacks. However, the previous packaging failed to showcase the brand’s offerings and struggled to stand out among competitors. The goal of the design project was to refresh the packaging while maintaining a strong brand identity and introducing an illustrative style associated with the Deli By Shell brand.

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A simple, precise identity for maximum impact.

The previous packaging lacked appeal due to its minimal color palette and clear packaging. This made it difficult for Deli By Shell products to stand out on the shelves and attract customers. The packaging failed to showcase the quality ingredients and delicious offerings of Deli By Shell, leaving customers unaware of what they were missing.

A striking, contemporary colour palette.

To solve the problem, the design team utilized the brand’s flexible palette to create a more eye-catching range of items. An illustrative style, depicting the ingredients or product for each snack, was introduced to add an extra level of appeal to the packaging. The illustrative style is a free, continuous line drawing, making it simple to apply to tray bakes and flapjacks, while the sweets proved to be a trickier challenge. The design team got creative, creating illustrations that suggested the sweets in a fun way that would appeal to a younger audience.

Designing the new Deli By Shell packaging was a great experience. Our goal was to refresh the current packaging while staying true to the brand’s identity and evolving the illustrative style. By leveraging the brand’s flexible palette and getting creative with our illustrations, we were able to create a more eye-catching and appealing product range. Despite the limitations and legal requirements of product packaging, we were able to strike a balance and produce a final product that truly captures the essence of Deli By Shell’s delicious snacks.

Emily Bucknell, Senior Designer