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In need of a refresh? Quantock Retarget is perfect for clients looking to transform their brand positioning and brand identity. Our expert creative team will collaborate with you to develop a robust rebranding strategy grounded in market insights and creative innovation.

An all-in-one brand positioning programme, designed to transform your brand.

Reposition your brand for maximum growth.

At Quantock, we empower organisations across a diverse range of industries to successfully reposition their respective brands. Our strategic, impactful brand positioning programme can deliver creative solutions which will ensure that your brand captures attention and stands out in any marketplace.

Your brand, our expertise: a winning combination.

At Quantock, we understand the intricacies of brand change. Through a breadth of team experience and talent, we excel in crafting forward-thinking brand positioning strategies that drive exceptional business growth.

Using our rigorous methodology, we can help you uncover the unique essence of your organisation, and create an immersive and distinct brand experience that’ll set you apart from the competition.

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Finding a new voice for communication

Porter Dodson / Solicitors & Advisors

6-Step Process

+ Fully Self-Contained

6 – 12 Weeks

Brand Discovery Programme

Expert Talent

+ Sector Specific Knowledge

Flexible Pricing

+ Budget Friendly

6-Step Process

+ Fully Self-Contained

6 – 12 Weeks

Brand Discovery Programme

Expert Talent

+ Sector Specific Knowledge

Flexible Pricing

+ Budget Friendly

Our 6-Step Brand Positioning Process


Market Research + Brand Audit

We’ll get to know your brand.

Quantock will help you to unlock your brand’s hidden potential and drive meaningful connections with your audience. We’ll assess your current brand, positioning, and value proposition, and benchmark you amongst your near and far competitors.


Workshops + Focus Groups

We’ll conduct perception research.

We’ll engage in comprehensive perception research to gain crucial insights into your brand. From theses insights, we’ll develop a strategic brand plan outlining the necessary tactics for achieving your marketing goals.


Value Proposition

We’ll define your brand proposition.

We’ll help you to identify and articulate your brand proposition in a unique and compelling way. We’ll create the foundations of your brand by redefining your USPs, and core brand equity, all with the aim of giving your organisation a competitive edge.


Brand Personality + Messaging

We’ll give your brand a powerful voice.

Working in partnership with our in-house brand strategists and copywriters, we’ll craft compelling messaging and copy that positively resonates with your target audiences, ensuring your brand becomes known for impactful communications and advertising.


Brand Visual System

We’ll get you dressed to impress.

Through detailed mood boards, design concepts and art direction, we’ll bring your brand narrative to life through a robust identity and a suite of visually engaging and compelling brand components such as typography, colours, imagery, and other visual systems elements.


Guidelines + Governance

We’ll support your new brand rollout.

We will develop a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to facilitate a high-quality roll-out of the new brand collateral and styling. These serve as a useful reference tool to ensure that all newly developed communications are consistent, and deliver on-brand messaging.

Why develop your brand with Quantock?

We’ll provide you with invaluable market insight.

By working with us, you’ll be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of your market dynamics and competitive landscape. Our in depth research and analysis will help you identify opportunities and threats, positioning your brand for strategic growth.

We’ll uncover and amplify your unique attributes.

We’ll help you to discover the unique qualities that make your brand special. We’ll then help you to leverage these powerful attributes to differentiate your brand from competitors and connect more deeply with your target audiences.

We’ll help you force a path to sustainable growth.

We’ll help you to lay a strong foundation for success. Our tailored brand strategies and expert guidance will ensure that your brand isn’t just positioned for immediate impact.

Something for everyone.

Our Brand Positioning Programme can be scaled, dependent upon the nature and size of your business.

Starter Package

6 to 8 Weeks

A low-cost programme of activity, focussing on creating basic foundation for your new brand, comprising visual identity and light messaging.

Growth Package

8 to 12 Weeks

A more in-depth analysis and development of your brand positioning and organisational foundation, comprising brand identity, messaging, and strategic framework.

Full-Works Package

12 Weeks +

Involving all areas of your organisation, delivering transformative brand change and a clear strategy for overhauling your market perception.

Our promise to you:

When we work together, we can deliver outstanding creative solutions that drive engagement, sales and growth for your brand.

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