The Priory Federation

The Brief

Over the last ten years many Academies have merged to form Multi-Academy Trust’s (MAT’s), and Quantock has worked with a number of these including the Priory Federation of Academies Trust.

The Priory Federation is a leading MAT in the east of England, and the Trust has many secondary and primary schools.

When the Priory Federation was first formed they adopted an identity that, although acceptable at the time, soon became unwieldy and a little dated. This identity no longer reflected the modern and progressive ethos of the organisation and the individual Academies themselves.


Multi – Academy Trust

‘An umbrella brand crafted with individuality and sensitivity to produce a cohesive group identity.’

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Redefining the Project Brief

Quantock’s task was to lead this complex and multi-facetted project starting with a strategic assessment and a re-definition of the design brief.

Quantock worked with the senior management team at the Trust, and individual Headteachers and their marketing teams, to deliver new identities for the Trust and the individual Academies (x9). Subsequently highly individual prospectuses and advertising were created for the Academies.

Ultimately Quantock created a controlled and unique umbrella identity for the Trust which allowed the individuality and character of each Academy to shine through. This was a complex and demanding project delivered on budget and to a tight timescale, and Quantock are justifiably proud to have crafted and produced high quality brands for all involved.

“Quantock delivered everything and more against the brief and I really feel we have delivered on building an effective Priory umbrella brand that allows the Academy flexibility to be who they are. When people have congratulated me on the work I always say ‘my biggest success was picking the right agency in the first place’! You’ve made everything else very simple!”

Hannah Morgan, Marketing & Communications Manager – Priory Federation

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