Lighthouse Education Group

The Brief

Lighthouse Education is a newly founded organisation (in collaboration with the previous CEO of Inspired Education Group) with the aim of building a global schools network with excellence at its heart.

The new brand had to communicate the goal of creating a thriving global community of educational institutions. Positioned as a ‘family’ of schools, the Lighthouse brand had to feel warm and friendly, with a balance between appearing accessible and corporate. It was also important that the brand communicate an inspiring and uplifting vision for educators worldwide.


Multi – Academy Trust

‘An umbrella brand crafted with individuality and sensitivity to produce a cohesive group identity.’

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Realising a Vision for Success.

The primary challenge with this project was that as a newly formed organisation, each aspect of the brand had to be crafted entirely from scratch.

The Lighthouse Education project represents the most extensive research and development exercise we have undertaken. Working with multiple stakeholders and teams across the World, we lead the creation of an overarching brand framework, built upon a foundation of core brand pillars.

Ambitious and far reaching competitor auditing was conducted, together with immersive and in-depth interviews (parents, pupils, school owners, teachers and alumni across all continents) to uncover the true DNA of the organisation.

“Quantock delivered everything and more against the brief and I really feel we have delivered on building an effective Priory umbrella brand that allows the Academy flexibility to be who they are. When people have congratulated me on the work I always say ‘my biggest success was picking the right agency in the first place’! You’ve made everything else very simple!”

Hannah Morgan, Marketing & Communications Manager – Priory Federation

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