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Evolve Your Brand With Quantock

Our tried and tested Brand Evolution Programme is designed to help you successfully evolve your brand to better meet the challenges of today.

Ask yourself…

Is your brand an accurate representation of your organisation?

Is your brand attracting the right audiences?

Is your brand communicating a unique point of difference?

Quantock Brand Programmes
Evolve Your Brand

We’ll ground your brand upon a solid foundation of unique values.

Who’s it for?

It’s what we do best.

Your brand is a precious asset, and it’s vital that it remains relevant and appealing – never easy in a fast-changing and competitive world. We’ve developed a unique process, which will provide you with an invaluable insights into the heart of your brand, and which will help you to evolve your brand to be more relevant and appealing.

Each module is tailored to suit your individual needs and where you are in your marketing journey. We’ll take a deep dive into your brand’s distinctive characteristics, and help you to uncover your true brand purpose.

By uncovering what your brand stands for, we’ll be able to expertly craft a unique narrative that communicates your values with clarity and flare; and create an emotive brand experience that captures the hearts and minds of your customers.

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What’s our brand evolution process?


Market Research + Brand Audit

We’ll get to know your brand.

We’ll kick start the process by getting to understand your market, customers, and competition. We can help you to identify opportunities for growth, differentiate yourself from the competition, and create targeted messaging that resonates with your audiences.


Workshops + Focus Groups

We’ll conduct perception research.

We’ll uncover perceptions of your brand by conducting workshops with key stakeholders and focus groups with your existing customers. Our focus groups are planned carefully to maximise engagement, and be enjoyable and stimulating for participants.


Value Proposition

We’ll define your brand proposition.

We’ll define a strategy for communicating intrinsic values and benefits of your brand. This will help external and internal audiences understand what makes your organisation different and unique.


Brand Personality + Messaging

We’ll give your brand a voice.

We’ll then apply our creative expertise to create packaging systems that truly represent your brand and resonate with your audience. We will also advise on materials, design and production of any packaging materials.


Brand Visual System

We’ll get you dressed to impress.

The next stage of the process is to further develop the visual touchpoints of your brand, ensuring that they align harmoniously with our developed brand strategies, and are futureproofed to ensure market longevity. This can involve graphics, logos, type, colours and visual styling.


Emotional Equity + Messaging

We’ll create emotional equity.

From the research generated in Module 04, we will further define a verbal strategy in line with key insights, to create brand pillars, supporting copy and communication messaging that aligns with your organisational vision.


Guidelines + Governance

We’ll create brand rules.

We will develop a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to facilitate a high-quality roll-out of the new brand collateral and styling. These serve as a useful reference tool to ensure that all newly developed communications are consistent, and deliver on-brand messaging.

How can Quantock help me to evolve my brand?


We’ll help you to understand your market landscape.

No business exists in isolation, and there will always be someone else that is nipping at your heels. With the bar rising ever higher in terms of customer expectations, we’ll give you expert guidance on both what other competing brands are doing, what trends are emerging, and how you can gain an edge over the competition.


We’ll work with you to unearth your distinctive qualities.

By uncovering what your brand stands for, you’ll be able to expertly craft a unique narrative that communicates your values with clarity and flare. Creating an emotive brand experience that captures the hearts and minds of your customers is no easy task. By developing authentic, honest and compelling communications, your brand will create empathy and position you as the ideal choice for your audience.


We’ll set you up with a strong foundation for growth.

Together, we will use insights that we discover to identify a specific set of strategies and tactics for expanding and transforming your brand. With our in-house expertise, we’ll set you on the right course for growth and prosperity, and give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Something for everyone.

Our Brand Evolution Programme can be scaled, dependent upon the nature and size of your business.

Starter Package

6 to 8 Weeks

A low-cost programme of activity, focussing on refreshing all the basics for your brand.

Growth Package

8 to 12 Weeks

A more in-depth analysis and development of your messaging and brand positioning.

Full-Works Package

12 Weeks +

Involving all areas of your organisation, delivering transformative brand evolution and rejuvenation.

Our promise to you:

When we work together, we can deliver outstanding creative solutions that drive engagement, sales and growth for your brand.